Online school meal ordering,
made easy.

DinnerPay lets parents and caterers manage school meal orders online, including school meal payment, meal scheduling, pre-ordering & order management.

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Quick setup

DinnerPay takes the hassle out of setting up costly merchant accounts, as well as streamlining the entire setup process.

It's quick and easy for parents to use DinnerPay too! Registration takes under 5 minutes.

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Real-time ordering

DinnerPay enables caterers to securely process paid and Universal Free School meal orders and payments from parents in real-time, with orders until 8am each day for maximum flexibility.

Daily & weekly meal sheets can be printed quickly and easily, and help to reduce waste.

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Created by industry experts

DinnerPay is designed and developed alongside our team of industry experts.

Our focus on building a great experience for parents and caterers makes using DinnerPay easy, saving time and effort.

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How will DinnerPay improve your business?

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You'll spend less time doing paperwork

With DinnerPay's automated reporting system, you no longer have to manually retrieve your daily and weekly orders. DinnerPay will send you daily order lists, sorted by Class & Year group. You also have the option to receive weekly and monthly summaries of all booked meals.

DinnerPay helps increase the uptake of School Meals

Because DinnerPay is so simple to use, we've found that parents are far more inclined to make meal orders each day. Our mobile-friendly site also lets parents book meals wherever they are.

You'll stop wasting so much stock

Real-time order monitoring and historical statistics mean you can accurately see how much stock needs ordering. DinnerPay will also tell you which meals are most popular, and on which days.

Our happy users say it all…

“As a first time user of DinnerPay, I think it's brilliant! It's easy to use and navigate, thanks so much.”

Parent, Warwickshire Primary School

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We're taking the pain out of catering management.